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How to help


We are always looking for new volunteers and are interested to hear about your ideas and insightful 

suggestions. If you or someone you know is interested

in getting involved, please contact us at

Businesses, Associations and Partnerships


If your organization or business is interested in associating with Victory Over Addiction, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you, and hope to soon join arms in the fight against addiction. 


Latest project:

Recovery Housing ​


When addiction takes hold of an individual, they often times lose having a place to live, leaving people feeling abandoned and desperate. When this happens, even finding a place to rent is next to impossible. Prospective landlords ask for references and a rental history which can be lacking for those recovering from substance abuse. The funds will be used to obtain housing dedicated to assisting individuals’ fight to hold on to recovery thus regain an ability to have a clean rental history with supporting landlord references.

Victory Over Addiction

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