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Educational Awareness

The dangers of drug abuse and alcoholism are not limited to a certain age. We are bringing awareness to high school students to educate them on the consequences and dangers of substance abuse. This type of high school involvement allows students to become involved in their community and join arms in the fight against addiction. 

Recovery Outreach

People in recovery are at critical points in their lives. They often feel helpless and forgotten. By reaching out to recovery groups and offering aid, they are reminded that they are not forgotten. From providing catered food to communicating messages of public support , Victory Over Addiction is able to encourage those in the recovery process. 

Senior Safe Night Event

Every year drunk driving takes the lives of  tens-of-thousands citizens, including seniors on the night of graduation. The Senior Safe Night Event offers a safe, alcohol-free environment for the seniors on the night of graduation - when "partying" is prevalent. Food, entertainment, and drug education are part of the night's festivities. Our efforts enable overnight accomodations for students to "party" safe and worry-free while having a great time together. 

Recovery Housing

When addiction takes hold of an individual, they often times lose having a place to live, leaving people feeling abandoned and desperate. When this happens, even finding a place to rent is next to impossible. Prospective landlords ask for references and a rental history which can be lacking for those recovering from substance abuse. The funds will be used to obtain housing dedicated to assisting individuals’ fight to hold on to recovery thus regain an ability to get a clean rental history with supporting landlord references.


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